The Scene, Vol. 5 - Tracks & Talent

I just got the 21st/final Scene track. It's absolutely amazing how slowly projects progress until one day, bam, everything just comes flooding in. It's more than worth the stress, though, especially when the project turns out to be strong front to back. It's truly insane to think that there's so much talent out there. There's just thousands of artists that deserve so much more face time. I'm not necessarily saying fame, but every last one of these bands definitely deserves more respect in their particular genre. I mean, when you look around at some of the bands that larger labels sign, you wonder why they get selected from among a crop of what seem like far more gifted musicians. That's sort of the problem with the music industry, though. It's just not the meritocracy that it should be. Talent doesn't win out, and sadly, a band can run their course without ever garnering even a sniff of success. In almost every other business, the cream rises to the top. In this case, the cream could be curdled and the bigwigs in the business would still ladle it out and force feed it to you in your daily latte of life. It's a tragedy. I certainly can't change that flawed aspect of our culture/business world, but I sure as hell can try and show it with my actions.

This is my long winded way of saying that this iteration of The Scene is bad ass.