Pacific Ridge Records and Why You're A Terrible Customer Extravaganza sale!

As we all know, businesses generally start discounting their products during the holiday season. Well, piss on that. Who needs Black Friday or Cyber Monday when you have cheap unpopular music and a second rate book that's being shilled out by a college dropout? It just makes good sense to discount everything three weeks after everyone's officially broke, right? In my defense, I'm of the opinion that the discounts lose their novelty when everyone's slashing prices. It would be like if everyone in your town decided to bake banana bread on the third Monday of October. The culinary majesty of that delicious loaf wouldn't quite be the same after the seventh Olympic swimming pool worth of bread was fork lifted onto your lawn. That's why I'm bucking this holiday trend, missing the profitable train, and discounting  several products right now. You know, when everyone's credit card is getting ready to spontaneously combust and a debtor is getting ready to magically appear State Farm-style. 

Anyway, a bunch of Pacific Ridge Records CD's will be knocked down 50% for the next couple of weeks in addition to a giveaway of my e-book, Why You're A Terrible Customer. You can download the free Kindle or E-Book version right here or in the store page. No strings attached. It's all yours to enjoy and never actually read.
Merry Tuesday and a happy New-second-week-of-the-Year!