Taking Back Sunday - Shapes & Colors

I've got good news and I've got bad news. I'll start with the bad news. Every band I announce on the Taking Back Sunday tribute either breaks up (On My Honor, Farraday) or has a scheduling conflict crop up (Koji, The Scene Aesthetic) that prevents them from participating.
The good news is that the roster has already been re-set despite the setbacks. Even better news is that I just received a magnificent cover by the guys in the band Shapes & Colors. They tackled a track that one of the recently replaced bands was supposed to knock out and boy was I blown away. It's always satisfying to hear a brilliant response from a band that I am willing to admit I was unfamiliar with. Man, does it make me want to ratchet up the awareness of these guys. If you're a fan of indie rock what-so-ever, you'll find yourself a brand new love in the form of Shapes & Colors.