The Scene, Vol. 4, Available Now

As the title suggests, The Scene, Vol. 4 is now available.

Here are my thoughts on the project as a whole:

There seems to be a common misconception that the scene's so bloated that it's dying. I made the honest mistake of believing that myself. It's not bloated. It just contains options. Like every other aspect of our lives, the 21st century has simply provided us with more alternatives than ever before. Back in the day, if you wanted to listen to Pop Punk you had to throw on Blink 182, Green Day or Sum 41. You always had the option of digging really deep to find something worthwhile, but let's be honest, the quality inevitably struggled in that second tier of artists. Now you have hundreds if not thousands of similar artists that have all put their personal spin on a genre that otherwise had limited scope. Same goes for the Hardcore and Indie genres. Remember the days of Poison The Well and Sunny Day Real Estate? Remember any other artists in those same genres? Don't worry, no one does. That's the glory of this musical overflow. Its brought about an unbelievable number of similar yet distinct talents. Sure, there's still a discouraging amount of garbage out there, but the renaissance of talent far outweighs the more dreadful dregs that will always pervade the musical landscape.
Nothing's fundamentally changed on this fourth volume of The Scene. I've continued to gather Pop Punk, Punk, Hardcore, Acoustic and Indie acts that I personally think stand out.

As always, I'm not making the proclamation that all of these bands will go on to be substantial. I just personally love their sound and wholeheartedly believe that they all excel at crafting substantial art in their particular genres.