The Scene, Vol. 5 - Art

A Tribute to Taking Back Sunday is a bit of a different project in that it will include an additional 21 track disc with up-and-coming indie artists and some of their original material. In a perfect world all 21 artists would be contributing Taking Back Sunday covers. Unfortunately, that kind of endeavor would bankrupt me. Royalties and studio time are just too costly for that kind of Herculean effort. Still, I want to do Taking Back Sunday proud and let them know the exact number and scope of the bands that they’ve influenced. The additional material may not be a slew of cover tracks, but they are songs comprised by close to a hundred different individuals who have all grown up with Taking Back Sunday and who have had their style influenced in one way or another by TBS’s material. I think in a way, the original material is even more of a compliment than the covers are. It shows originality that stems from another band’s legacy. I’d say that’s the ultimate form of tribute. Anyway, here's what the second half of the project will look like in all of its glorious double disc delightfulness.